Sauce that's made with more.

More flavor

We slow-simmer our sauces to allow the flavor of our exceptional ingredients to fully develop and shine throughout every spoonful.


More premium ingredients

Our sauces contain real Italian pecorino cheese, freshly ground meats from the Midwest, and the highest quality farm-fresh vegetables and herbs.

Mid's Tomato Sauce Jar surrounded with fresh ingredientsMid's Tomato Sauce Jar surrounded with fresh ingredients

More time.

While other sauce brands steam their ingredients, we put them on the stove in open kettles for several hours to get the same thick, rich flavor you would at home.

MId's FactoryMId's Factory

More sauce!

Each of our jars is a full 28 ounces—that’s 4 ounces more sauce than a standard jar that you’ll find on your grocer’s shelves.

Mid's 28oz Jar compared to competitor's smaller 24oz jarMid's 28oz Jar compared to competitor's smaller 24oz jar
Fresh basil leaves

Ingredients that add more to every bite.

Ripe Tomatoes
California-Grown, Vine-Ripened Tomatoes

Our tomatoes are sourced from a farm in the San Joaquin Valley in California. This climate grows tomatoes that are pitch perfect in their balance of sweetness and acidity, making them ideal for sauce. They have very few seeds, which helps ensures our sauces are thick and rich, never watery.

Pieces of Pecorino Romano Cheese
Italian Pecorino Romano Cheese

Our sauces contain fresh cheese that we source directly from Italy. Pecorino is a sheep’s milk cheese that is naturally salty and creamy, which imparts a real depth of flavor into our sauces. It’s higher quality than most parmesans, and is pure cheese—no anti-caking agents here!

Olive Oil Splash
Imported Pure Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is the best quality that Europe has to offer. Sourced from a sunny Mediterranean climate, premium olives are cold-pressed into oil to retain a rich and delicious taste that helps infuse our sauces with unforgettable flavor.

image of freshly ground meats
Freshly Ground USDA-Certified Meats

Our meaty sauces contain real deal meat, not meat flavor. We cook fresh, never frozen, USDA beef and pork in our kitchens and add it to the sauce straight away. All of our meats come locally from the Midwest, namely Indiana and Nebraska, so that ingredients can go from farm-to-jar in just days.

image of herbs, spices and onions
Premium Fresh Herbs & Spices

Our sauces are filled with fragrant and flavorful herbs. Many of our garden herbs are sourced from California, while our spices are sourced from the climates and conditions where they can develop the very best and balanced flavors.

Olive Oil Splash

The man behind Mid's

Mideo, the namesake of our sauce, was a first-generation American whose family roots reached deep into Sicily. His mother and father immigrated to the United States with their most prized possessions—including Mideo’s grandmother’s well-guarded sauce recipes.

Raised in Ohio, Mideo’s mother taught him the art of sauce making, and he mastered the traditional recipes in his family restaurant. Mideo’s sauce and cooking became so widely beloved that he began selling his true Siclian-style sauces on their own.

Even though he’s passed on, Mid’s continues to be family-owned and makes every sauce according to Mideo’s original recipes—slow-simmered from fresh ingredients to be rich, thick, and satisfying.

Here, the old way is still the best way.

Follow your taste buds.

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