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I’m allergic to peanuts. Which of your products is safe for me?

None of Mid’s sauces use peanuts or peanut oil, making it safe for anyone to enjoy Mid’s. The facility where we make all of our sauces, with the exception of Alfredo sauce, is also nut-free.

How often do you change your sauce recipes?

We introduce new sauces and other products from time to time, but the sauce recipes never change. Straight from Mideo and Sicily, Mid’s sauces have stayed the same this entire time.

What does “Mid’s” mean?

Mid’s is named after Mideo, our founder who learned the art of making Sicilian sauces from his mother’s teachings and his grandmother’s recipes. He used everything he learned to open a restaurant, and eventually started to bottle the sauce so that people could enjoy pitch-perfect Sicilian-style sauce at their own table at home, too.

Where can I find Mid’s sauce?

Check out our handy store locator here.

What is the difference between Marinara and Traditional?

Our Traditional sauce is the original family recipe that was handed down to Mideo from his mother and grandmother. It’s a thick, smooth, Sicilian-style sauce. Our Marinara sauce is what most people think of when it comes to spaghetti sauce. It contains hearty bits of diced tomatoes, more olive oil, and more garlic and onion than the Traditional sauce.

Are the sauces gluten free? 

Yes they are. Just make sure your pasta is, too!

How long does the sauce stay fresh after opening? 

Our sauces aren’t meant to sit around. Once you open a jar, please consume it within 5-7 days for the best experience possible.

Where are your tomatoes sourced?

Our tomatoes are from the San Joaquin Valley. This beautiful and sunny climate brings out a sweet character in the tomatoes that makes it perfect for the way we like our sauce to taste.

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